Eric Dean


Eric Dean is an artist who combines functionality, utility and beauty. His pieces cover a wide range of home decor from wall art and furniture to why didn't someone think of that before cat outhouses. He is a self-proclaimed Practical Artist, breathing new life into reclaimed materials. Eric lives and works in South Lake Tahoe and finds never-ending inspiration for his projects right outside his backdoor.

Grateful for nature's influence and thankful to be able to live in such a breathtaking space, Eric keeps a green, environmental focus in all of his art. His striking pieces are handcrafted from reclaimed materials that, without his intervention, would be polluting our beautiful area!

Browse our collection here at Eric Dean Practical Art and choose a piece to use and love. Join us in the re-cycle revolution. Your home will showcase a beautiful and functional piece of art that you can be proud of, while you effortlessly help reduce our carbon footprint!

Eric Dean
South Lake Tahoe, CA