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I get a lot of inspiration from the outdoors. Pretty easy when you are lucky enough to live in the spectacular playground of Lake Tahoe. One of my neighbors that keeps me in a state of awe, is the black bear. It’s become commonplace to see bears rooting around in our yard or brazenly…(Read More)

Ask any craftsmen; artist, carpenter, surgeon, financial planner, etc. what sets them apart in the ease and ability to do a great job over an o.k. job and they will answer: “My tools!” It often takes time and lots of trial and error to discover the perfect instrument that becomes your partner in creating…(Read More)

Very simply, I make functional, beautiful things out of reclaimed materials. In the Navy I became a welder, following that I was a glazier (installing windows, mirrored walls and accents, glass shower enclosures, etc.) and I’ve also held stints doing various construction work…(Read More)