Practical Art


Today, I want to talk about Practical Art, or Functional Art.
Back in high school, when I took art class, we were taught that art should perform no function other than to inspire a feeling or evoke emotion.  But when I look around, I see art everywhere.  A beautiful structure can evoke so many feelings, it must be art.  Something as nostalgic as a hand built outhouse in this fast paced world has to be considered art, don’t you think?  So why not shelves, or a bookcase, or an entertainment center?  Why not a cat litter cabinet?  If it is beautiful and makes you want to look at it, just for the pleasure of it, then it must be art.  And so, in the last few years, we have seen emerge this new form of art – Practical Art.  With artists and craftsmen making practical, useful items out of beautiful materials or unusual shapes and lines, so that these everyday things become art.

Art with a purpose – what better way to make your home beautiful?